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Before we get into How To Get Off To A FAST START In 2009 nike free 3.0 flyknit , we d like to wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year! The coming year promises to be very exciting and very rewarding for those agents, advisors and planners who understand what people are really looking for, need and want. Today, people need and want your help more than ever! Will you be the person your prospects, clients, friends and family can turn to and rely upon in 2009? Was 2008 everything you had planned and hoped it would be? Or, was it a challenging and frustrating year for you, because of all the bad publicity, the election and the struggling economy? Would you like to turn your situation around quickly, and get off to a Fast Start in 2009? All it will take is a little bit of planning, a few simple changes Nike Free Run+ 2 Donna Saldi , a positive attitude, and 2009 can be the year all of your dream can come true! Here s what one frustrated agent had to say about a recent article we had on Producers Web... How to prosper during this worsening economy. OK! Let have it. What do you do to get the right people to buy from you during hard economic times? Everyone is broke. How can you sell when the majority of people are out of work and reserving cash? If people are investing less by taking their money out of the market, how are you as a salesman going to get them to invest in more insurance products? In response to the above agent comments, this is what one positive agent wrote back... Keep this in mind. Even when there is 10 unemployment the reverse of that means there is 90 employment! That s bigger. Pray for the 10 prospect and sell to the 90 . Everything the man said is true. I was there. When times are reportedly tough, people become much more sensitive to safety, security, spending habits, etc. This is the perfect time to review and make sure people are getting the best value for the dollar they spend. And, since most agents don t service their clients anyway, the harvest is plentiful! People are still starting businesses, still having babies Nike Free Run+ 2 Uomo , still have debts to be settled, still love their families, still have kids to put through college, still and even more so, have to plan retirement and estate settlement issues etc. etc. Pick a specialty or two and go to work! People need you. JUST THINK ABOUT IT! Will you be the advisor the 90 will turn to? Five quick tips to help you get off to a Fast Start in 2009! 1. Study an hour a day! It s not an option, especially today. One of the main reasons the Top Producers in this, or any industry remain on top, is they are studying an hour a day, everyday. They are not studying their products. They are studying everything they can about marketing and sales! 2. Work Smarter NOT Harder! Stop wasting your time and money attracting and meeting with the wrong prospects. Find a specific problem you can solve for your perfect prospect, so you can consistently attract those people to you. Your perfect prospect is the person you have the best chance of helping. How can you help Middle Income Families to straighten out their finances? 3. Stay in touch, and get your special message out to everyone... If you want to attract your perfect prospects Nike Free 5.0 Saldi , friends, family, and above all your existing clients, then you must stay in touch with them. It s all about your marketing, which is delivering... The Right Message, to the Right People, at the Right Time. 4. Offer all of these people a FREE educational workshop about the specific problem you can solve for them and their family! If you want people to meet one on one with you, then you must help them to see that you understand and can solve the financial problems they are facing now and in the future. Then and only then will they agree to meet with you! (You can conduct a workshop for under $100) 5. Conduct a thorough fact finding interview with every prospect! If you want people to invest in your products and services, then you need to help them to look at, and talk about the financial problems they are facing now and in the future. It s about helping them to re think and establish their financial priorities. Deciding what s really important to them now... and in the future! If you help people to understand and establish their financial priorities, then you ll consistently close 9 out of 10 sales. Yes www.freerunsaldioutletit.com/nike-free-run-saldi-online.html  , it is that simple! It s time for each of us to step up and start making a real positive difference in our clients lives... instead of just making a sale. The truly amazing part is that if you learn how to actually help people instead of just pushing your products and services you ll close a lot more sales and make a lot more money. People today are looking for real help, and not just another sales person who wants them to spend money they don t have! Start Right Now To Make A Real Difference In Peoples Lives, and You ll Get Off To A Fast Start In 2009! Author's Resource Box

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